Give the gift of scratchers. Every holiday season, there's the Naughty List, the Nice List and the I Don't Know You Like That List. Gift giving is stressful enough. So we created a series of videos for the CA Lottery showing how lotto scratchers can go from stocking stuffer to stress-free savior.​​​​​​​  # g i f t b e h a v i o r
No gift is too small... unless it is
When you wish you brought another gift
Last-second gift 0:30
Last-second gift 0:15
Inner thoughts
PSA: Awkward gift face
Gifts that aren't really gifts
Agency: Quantasy
ECD: Will Campbell
Director/Writer: Matt Neylon 
Producer/Writer: Carlos Aguilar, Trenton Foon, Bishop Rouse
Producer: Evan Rodner
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