I needed to get rid of some things, so I wrote real classified ads. With real responses. Under a fake persona.
Results: Sold everything (plus a TV and some furniture) besides the orthopedic shoe; dozens of responses; thousands of pennies scattered around Richmond, VA. Technically my highest netting ad campaign with a budget of $0 and profit of $150 and a few good belly laughs.
Suggestion Scott
Todd with an unintentional pun... or sage financial advice?
Jennifer said no to the church, but bought the slow cooker.
JJ was my motivational speaker, lol.
Mitchell already had a 5 gallon jug of pennies ready.
Andrew & Emily aren't weird for caring.
This kind stranger and their 500 pennies of generosity.
Orthopedic Shoe
The only inquiries here were asking about availability with no follow-up. Sadly this one didn't sell. Can't win 'em all. 
Space Heater
Space heaters don't sell easily in April. I sold this one to a friend in person without the persona.  

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