Let Daddy fry it. If you can't stand the heat, it must be your first time with Daddy. 

FryDaddy is a countertop deep fryer. And we gave him an oddly seductive, strangely appropriate, personality. Allow him to to guide you through your guilty pleasures.
OOH, Daddy
Let Daddy pre-package them treats so you only need to pop them in. Set. Sizzle. Savor. 
LetDaddyFryIt.com. The Will It Blend of deep frying food.
With the FryDaddy Heavy Duty Grease Guard™, Daddy will protect you from the throes of the kitchen. AKA hot oil.
All these food emojis got their deep fried attention they deserve.
FryDaddy doesn't tweet. He graces you with #TwitterFritters.
VCU Brandcenter student project
ART DIRECTOR: Gianna D'Amico 
WRITER: Matt Neylon