They're like high heels but for toes.The footwear game is about to change, leaning fashion-forward on its toes. With High-Toe Shoes!

For thousands of years, shoes have been elevating the heel. The humdrum, milquetoast heel. But what about the toe? The part we get pedicured. The reason foot fetishes exist. The moneymaker at the head of the foot!

It's time now that history and mankind give toes the proper footwear to not only elevate them a few inches, but to elevate their greatness!
Featured on Betabrand. Click that link to read some of the comments. Here are some of them:
"So stupid that it might actually sell just for shits and giggles." - @cautiouslego
"I feel like I laughed a lot more than I should have." - @Gabridge
"Please tell me they're a joke?" - @two_sheds
"Stick to copywriting, shoe design is obviously not your thing." - Scott W.
"This is not fashion, its stupidity." - Stacy N.
"I am a woman and I would wear these. I don't wear regular heels, but these seem more comfortable." - Julia Marino​​​​​​​
By popular demand from the comment section.
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