Desktop-Sized Inflatable Tubeman

Kickstarter coming soon.

"Where do I buy this?! Contact me pls." - Jon G.
"I would pay good money TODAY for the desktop inflatable man." Rick Webb
High Toes
"so stupid that it might actually sell just for shits and giggles." - @cautiouslego
"I feel like I laughed a lot more than I should have." - @Gabridge
"Please tell me they're a joke?" - @two_sheds
"Stick to copywriting, shoe design is obviously not your thing." - Scott W.
"This is not fashion, its stupidity." - Stacy N.
"I am a woman and I would wear these. I don't wear regular heels, but these seem more comfortable." - Julia Marino​​​​​​​
Manet's Mayonnaise
Manet + Mayo. Sound it out. Combining classic Manet Impressionist paintings with tangy Middle American condiments.
Wite-Out Paint Roller
As seen in the Wite-Out campaign. (with Josh Gherghel)
"Wait. Does this not already exist?" - anon recruiter
Game: The Watched Pot 
Your goal is to boil the water. The water doesn't boil if you watch it. Your front-facing camera tracks your eye movement to see if you're watching or not.
Nike's Post-Game, Post-Op Gear
Just heal it.
More inventions on the way!

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