Just Heal It. Nike makes gear for the pre-game, the performance and the off-day. But they haven't yet mass-manufactured apparel and gear for a big part of sport and active bodies: injuries and rehab. 

Introducing Injury Reserve Gear, a collection by Nike for the post-injury, in style. Fulfilling Nike's mission to bring inspiration and innovation to every *injured athlete in the world.
Nike's IR Gear has everything from bandages to full-body braces. If you can wear your Nike Tech Fleece and Nike Flyknit cross trainers to the grocery store, why not pair that outfit with your Nike Finger SplintFlex™ for that finger you jammed playing pickup ball at the YMCA?
Nike's mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every injured athlete in the world. If you have an injured body, you can buy from our new collection. 
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