The outdoors are my happy place. The wilder the better. Far from grids and beaten paths. On top of mountains and tucked in their valleys. On foot or by pedal. These are some of my adventures outside -- edited and packaged nicely for your viewing pleasure.
(if you're also into motion, mountains, biking, running, adventures and documenting and editing them, holler at me)
Adventures list: 
GBAZ / Bikepacking AZ's Saguaro and Ponderosa covered trails 2022; bikepacking tour de Los Padres loop 2022; Sectioning the Great Divide: Bikepacking Colorado to the Mexican border; LA to SF: A Bikepacking Journey; First Accidental Ultra-distance run; First Intentional Ultra-distance run; My First Trip to (and through) the Sierras; San Gabriel to Gravel; Michael Visits Strawberry Peak: Twins on twin peaks; A Year of Centuries; Half a Zion TraverseTaco Bell Two Peak-o Challenge; Podium finish @ first gravel race

15 days bikepack sectioning Colorado + New Mexico on the Great Divide MBT with my friend Michael. 1100 mi / 65K ft over mountains / one knee injury / one rim dent / tons of Rocky Mtn critters.

Here's my adventure partner Michael recounting the trip on the Buffalo Roamer podcast.

LA to SF bikepacking trip

A week bikepacking LA to SF. 550 miles. Dozens of thousands of feet climbed. Loads of fun.

The Taco Bell Two Peak-o, Too Pico challenge. A 10K up and down to Taco Peak and Mount Bell in Griffith Park, while eating spicy Taco Bell food.

Running 26 miles of the Zion Traverse.

Running dumb with my brother Michael.

First ultra distance run ft. poor navigation.

LOGGING REDWOODS! I'm on a mission to map every California Coast Redwoods (sequoia sempervirens) in Southern California. This is an ongoing project that combines my love for maps, nature, cycling, and running. I moved to a verdant part of LA County and started noticing Redwoods all over. They shouldn't be this far south, so they stood out. Mainly in rich neighborhoods as decorative landscaping with plenty of water from their rich irrigation systems. I started researching Redwoods current natural habitats. And became more fascinated by their transplanted nature here. I discovered a lot about these 2000 year old giants, including the fact that no one has really documented them in arid Southern California. Only a few articles pointing out botanical gardens where you can see them. I also learned that the southernmost naturally occurring strand of Coast Redwoods are in a growth in the Los Padres National Forest just south of Big Sur in Ragged Point, CA. We're far from there. So I started taking stock of locations on my bike rides and runs, spotting them left and right, even on my own block! I began logging their coordinates in March of 2022, one at a time. It's made my rides and runs and outings overall marginally more fulfilling. Maybe one day I'll have spotted every Redwood. Maybe people could contribute. Maybe people one day will use this map to go Redwood spotting when they want to round out their Southern California vacation sightings. See the interactive map on Google Earth.

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