I've written scripted series, sketch comedy and show pilots. Some have been produced, some have not. Feel free to check out the selected work below. I can provide more projects upon request.
Projects written and collaborated with:
Highlighted Works (sketches & shorts)
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Sketch Comedy Franchises
The Renny Show (Produced) 
A sketch comedy show featuring Renny Cromwell as host and lead actor (like "Alternatino" or a one-man "Key & Peele"). I wrote and directed half a dozen sketches for the pilot episode in collaboration with Renny, writer Vincent Ramir and our team of creatives and crew. 

Chino Shorts (Self-produced)
A sketch comedy channel I created where I write, edit and sometimes act in stuff that makes me and my friends laugh. Largely a solo project where my friends team up to co-write and act. 

Writers' Room (Produced) 
A one-time-promo-turned-recurring-sketch-series for Kevin Hart and Laugh Out Loud. I was fortunate to be a part of this series as head writer. We produced a slew, below are a few (in addition to the linked scripts of ones that were cut for time).
Series & Pilots

What would the company look like that created internet memes? Well, meetings (around real trending memes) would transpire exactly how you explain a meme to your parents or grandparents. 

An eclectic gang of dumb and narcissistic misfit friends are ten years out of high school. The series pilot centers around Alex and his ambivalent quest: whether or not to attend the funeral of a girl he kiiinda dated back in high school. Some of his friends have bad advice, others have worse. There's no hard feelings in "Feels" because everyone's soft af. 

Donny can only cry when he cuts onions. Coincidentally, he works at an onion-themed restaurant. But he cannot bring himself to emotional tears... except when he has to face some real feelings. 

Heaven Hotline
It's your typical workplace sitcom, but the business is prayers and eternal salvation. Each prayer gets answered by The Heaven Hotline, 9-to-5 angel call center employees. Please hold, they don't know what they're doing... and that's why your prayers aren't getting answered.