These are the games, experiences and websites nobody asked for. But again, they're (f)unnecessary. ​​​​​​​

1. Halloween Costume Helper (
If you don't know what to be for Halloween and you don't want to be a sexy cat again, you can use this online generator. Click below and give it a go. 

I made to (sorta) help you figure out your costume with materials you already have. Although it probably won't help, unless you want to be a ghost. (p.s. the site is down currently, but — spoiler alert — it only "generates" a ghost result.
DEVELOPER: Mario Menta 

My Halloween costume, 2018


2. Save The Leftovers!
Meet Lil Tupper. It's up to you to help him to save the leftovers and food scraps from peril. AKA the trashcan. AKA their death. A game for Tupperware by the creators of The Shy Pot (the next game).

3. Spot-ify
Emphasis on that hyphen. Some of us working in advertising conjure up hilarious ideas ("hilarious" is subjective here) for brands that would almost never happen, but make us laugh. Exhibit A: Spot-ify

Whereas Spotify provides music to listen to with paid ads interrupting in between, Spot-ify gives you ads (radio spots) to listen to with interrupting music in between. -- ads/spots on demand. -- ads/spots on demand. -- dumb music on demand. -- dumb music on demand.

3. The Shy Pot
A watched pot never boils, so the idiom goes. But do you know why? Because it's shy as hell. Stop staring at it! If you need some practice, I made a game to do just that.

When you play The Shy Pot, your goal is to boil the water. But it only boils if you aren't watching the pot. Your phone's front-facing camera tracks your eye movement to see if you're watching or not.

Let Daddy fry it. FryDaddy is a countertop deep fryer. He's seductive, and he can fry anything that'll fit. Some people are skeptical, so I made a website to answer a question as old as deep frying: Can Daddy fry it?
VCU Brandcenter student project
ART DIRECTOR: Gianna D'Amico

5. Domain Graveyard & Incubator 
I've purchased a lot of domains that I think could be funny. A lot of have gathering dust. Others I've let die. These are those.