Give me a pen, and I'll write it into Premiere. These are the B-sides. I wrote, edited, VO'd (and even appeared in some of) these videos.
What happens when you're afraid to get germs on your hands?
With Beth Hughes (AD)
Galantis - Runaway (U & I) [music video]
What makes you flee? A metaphor for love feeling like a drug? Or anthropomorphized street drugs?
Hats off to my team, especially Josh on most of the visual & special effects, camera work, directing and post work.
Richmond Ad Show Gold Cannonball winner
​​​​​​​DC United built a new stadium. And united under a new battle cry.
Spot all the MLS references?
Brand Manager: Nic Johnson
Learn Spanish with Cafe Bustelo to keep unwanted folks away.
Yes, that is my VO attempt a la Ricky Ricardo.

What's this? There's more?!