These are the B-sides... the videos I made for fun or were one-offs from other projects. I wrote, edited, VO'd and acted in them.

A 0:30 About Me video submission for an internship.

My friend Andrew Jones is one of the weirdest, most talented guy I know. You can tell his mind is always on.

Onion Tears: submission for the GIPHY nano film fest.

My cousin Chance turned 3. I was out of state for his birthday, but I sent him this bday message. Every new year is a new Chance.

Same story for my little sister Kelsey. Her nickname growing up was Cauliflower when my mom called her Kelsey Flower and her baby mush mouth couldn't enunciate it. When she turned 22, I took voice messages our family has left for previous birthdays and turned them into a birthday gift/hip hop voice message track.

Art Director: Beth Hughes

Learn Spanish with Cafe Bustelo to keep unwanted folks away.
VO: Hector Rivas y yo
Audi Field Stadium Expansion, Brand Manifesto
Brand Manager: Nic Johnson

The barbershop is a special place for me. I liked my hair short growing up. My dad would cut my hair in the kitchen from time to time. Eventually I taught myself how to cut my hair with his clippers and a mirror. In college, I found the barbershop a place to be what it is for everybody else: the gathering place and some relaxation. Main St Barbershop was my trusty barbershop when I lived in Richmond. 

DIRECTOR: Harrison Pogue 
WRITER: Matt Neylon
NARRATOR: Jonathan Banks