Introducing ZZZVR. The first ever virtual reality: the subconscious.

It's literally a sleeping mask shaped like a VR headset. 
Bloodshot eyes, read on.
We think long hours = big ideas. And that daytime naps =  slacking off. 

But really sleep fuels creativity. For two reasons. 1) It reduces noradrenaline, the brain chemical that stresses us out.  2) The subconscious mind acts visually and in a nonlinear way, solving problems better than the conscious mind ever could.

The VR headset shape reminds us in a visually familiar way that working includes recharging our creative batteries. No need to add more tech to sleep, just remind people to sleep.
To let employees on the inside know they can participate, posters are placed around agencies in front of overworked creatives.
Ads are placed around large advertising markets in poster and OOH format. 
Submission for Young Shits
Art Director: Andrew Jones
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