Emotion is in. We turned a routine model-year spot into Acura's first anthemic digital campaign for multicultural millennials... written by a multicultural millennial. 

Haven't you heard? Emotion is in now. All that other luxury nonsense is out. 
Director's Cut
This project was one that was particularly satisfying to see go live. Working on it since inception of concept to launch (and all the curveballs in between), this campaign was a labor of love for 1.5 years. A lot of revisions and audibles.
0:15 Mark
This guy was incredible to work with. Mark Samuel showed up and gave us an Oscar-worthy performance from audition to wrap.
Digital Pre-Roll
Taking Control
Agency: Quantasy 
ECD: Will Campbell
Executive Producer: Vanessa MacAdam
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Jordan Bahat
Producer: Mike Sarkissian
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